Five Pieces For, With, About or Because of Dance (My year as Rambert Music Fellow #6)

The past year is impossible to summarise. I know that some of the hundreds of creative portals that have opened up for me will continue to materialise at different times, it would be strange to choose a few now and shut off all the rest. What I can highlight for now are those opportunities that solidified into performances or more tangible things: music and dance are transient, but there a few milestones that I will always remember from my year with Rambert. I’m hugely grateful to the PRS Foundation and the Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation for making the fellowship possible, and of course every dancer and every member of staff at Rambert for making me so welcome and teaching me so much. For this written attempt at capturing even a glimpse of my myriad experiences this year, I’ve chosen to focus on the two pieces that I created with and for Rambert: Solo Matter and Imaginary Situations. Solo Matter An intense, challenging, inspiring, perspective-changing collaboration with choreogr